Irrigation System Maintenance Services

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Irrigation System Maintenance Services – PJ Pappas Co.

PJ Pappas provides irrigation system maintenance, repairs and upgrades for our existing customers only. We do not repair sprinkler systems that we did not install.

Sometimes lawn sprinkler systems need to be adjusted or maybe your landscape has changed. PJ Pappas offers a mid-season lawn sprinkler system tune up to make sure your sprinkler system is operating perfectly. We offer this service to existing lawn sprinkler system installation customers only. We do not offer service to lawn sprinkler systems installed by another contractor.

This mid-season tune up also enables us to share with homeowner’s new ideas and products that may be of interest such as: updating old sprinkler heads, new time clocks, landscape lighting, rain sensors and drip irrigation systems.

Some of the lawn sprinkler maintenance, repair and system upgrade services we provide during our Lawn Sprinkler System Mid-Summer Tune Up are:

  • Raising existing heads to surpass grown shrubs and bushes
  • Replacing older sprinkler heads with newer ones
  • Updating your time clock with new state of the art programmers which are flexible, reliable and simple to use
  • Adding drip zones to assist in the watering of more delicate flowers in beds and gardens.

PJ Pappas provides irrigation repair services to existing customers and new lawn sprinkler customers. Lawn Sprinkler System and Irrigation System repair service calls are scheduled Monday through Friday for either a morning or afternoon time slot.  Some Saturday appointments will be done based on availability.

PJ Pappas cannot guarantee exact appointment times but we try to accommodate your preference for an am or pm time slot. If you would like to be home for your lawn sprinkler repair service call, we ask that you call ahead.  If you cannot be home, we ask for access to any necessary sprinkler system equipment. There is a service call charge for up to the first hour and any time after there will be an additional labor charge plus any irrigation system parts needed.

As trees and plantings grow, it will be necessary to make adjustments to the original system. We offer a full line of services including moving sprinkler heads, adjusting lawn sprinklers, replacing sprinkler heads, or adding to your existing lawn sprinkler system.

Call PJ Pappas Company today to service or upgrade your Lawn Sprinkler System in Massachusetts 781-935-9519.

Irrigation System Maintenance Services
Irrigation System Maintenance Services

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